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Become A Club Member

Becoming our member will give you lots of benefits and privileges. Becoming our member is like having an additional income.

Whatever the event, if you are the one referring to us or one of our vendors, you are sure to get something in return once the work is finalized.

The additional bonuses are that there is no subscription fees and you can refer unlimited number of events. For every finalized deal, you receive a certain referral bonus and some additional benefits as well.

So, come join us, and be a Club Eventoss member today!

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Club Member Benefits

Club Member Benefits

Earn On Referrals

An extra income never hurt anyone! The more you refer us or our vendors, the more referral bonuses you receive!

Additional Benefits

Once you become our member, we give you a host of additional benefits for the events you are referring!

No Hidden Fees

No subscription charges or one time fees. Just register once for free and enjoy a lifetime of membership!

Priority Service

We try to make the chosen vendors available for the member's events on priority basis.

How it works

Our Process

Once you have registered, becoming a member on Club Eventoss is just a three step process

Step 1
01 .

Refer Us Events

Once you register yourself as a member, you can refer us upcoming events happening in your vicinity where we can provide our services.

Step 2
02 .

Events Finalization

Once all the vendors are finalized, they begin their work and rest only after the event is made a memorable one. You can be a part of it and make sure things are going the best way.

Step 3
03 .

Payment From Club Eventoss

Once the event is wrapped up, you receive your referral bonus as decided and everyone's happy!


Will I get the full payment on referral?

Yes, you will get the full payment once you refer us and the event or vendor is finalized!

Do I have to pay you monthly?

No, we do not have any registration or subscription fees.

What if I am not happy with the vendor I chose?

Our customer service will try to resolve the things, but if no success, we will assign a new vendor and payment will be planned accordingly.

Will the payment be done via bank transfer or cash?

Our all payments are done through the bank. You will have to provide us with the required details and the amount will be transferred.

Do I have to be present during the event or plannings?

That is completely dependent on you. Its your choice if you want to see and be a part of the process.